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XRender always regards customer-centric and the pursuit of excellence as our values the whole time. Based on the user experience feedback in usage scenarios, XRender has continuously optimizing and strengthening the user center.

Restrict download IP, ensure project data security

Projects may have extremely high confidentiality requirements sometimes. In order to ensure you a secure rendering environment during the whole process, XRender developed this new feature for our customer.

The new feature is actually a part of the Multi-level Account System, which is a targeted management system developed independently by XRender for project process optimizing.

Project manager can use the master account to set IPs that have access to download the rendering results in the XRender user center.

Download IP setting

Only IPs that have been listed here by the manager can download the rendering results.

Task group configuration, distinguish permissions for management

The task group authority configuration function was newly added to XRender user center. The project manager can configure the task group authority according to the responsibilities and authorities of the relevant personnel, and implement authority division and management.

Task group configuration

Only authorized staff can access and perform other operations on the task group. This function can clarify the division of labor between different personnel and different departments in the company, reduce the probability of operational risks, and facilitate management.

Export of render record, check your bill details at a glance

Users can export the consumption list in [Render Bills], all rendering records as well as purchase records are clear at a glance, convenient for users to check the information.

Purchase record

Task monitoring in user center, check render progress in real time

We added a [Task Management] module in the User Center, which has almost all the functions of the XRender client [Task Management] module.

Task monitoring

When the computer you are using does not have the XRender Cloud client installed but you want to view or manage rendering tasks, just open the official website ( to log in to the user center and enter the task management section.

Task Management

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