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We are excited to tell about the latest work, Zhen Dao Ge, a 2.5D Chinese martial arts animation exclusively rendered at XRender.

Zhen Dao Ge tells a revenge story about the homeless young man He Fangzhi, whose family was betrayed by his own people while they were migrating, and was brutally murdered. The male protagonist, He Fangzhi, pretended to be dead and escaped a scene.

The massacre

After the massacre, He practiced an extraordinary martial arts in Shuzhong and determined to avenge his family. With a fan and a place name that showed the clues of the enemy, He embarked on the road of revenge.

Zhen Dao Ge is originally produced by Gengsan Animation. It starts with the protagonist He Fangzhi seeking revenge for his family, opening a story of a man bravely roving all over the world with his sword. Once the animation was broadcast, its smooth motion performance received a lot of praise.

action scene

With amazing Chinese martial arts style, Zhen Dao Ge shows extremely smooth and exciting action scenes that pumped up the audience right away.

He wielding his sword

In addition to close hand-to-hand combat, there are also cold weapons confrontations. The combination of the two shows the beauty of Chinese martial arts.

He fighring in the hotle

In fact, the most intuitive way to judge an action scene is to see if it can stimulate your senses and make your heart become tense during the fight. With fluid, seamless motion and a strong sense of rhythm, Zhen Dao Ge is about amaze you!

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