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XRender has offered rendering services for the newly screening fantasy adventure movie, A Writer's Odyssey. It is an engrossing tale of epic proportions directed by Chinese hit maker Lu Yang (“Brotherhood of Blades” &“The Sacrifice”).

What "A Writer's Odyssey" constructs is actually a twofold fantasy world, one is a future world closer to reality, and the other is a novel world full of strange ideas.

In the real world, Li Mu(Yu Hewei), as the CEO of a technology company, tried to implant technology into all aspects of human life, driving Tu Ling (Yang Mi) and others to protect him from troubles.

Li Mu

Guan Ning (Lei Jiayin), a father who was hired to assassinate a young writer so as to seize the last chance to find his daughter after traffickers stole her away six years ago.

Guan Ning

Lu Kongwen (Dong Zijian), whose fantasy novel, "Godslayer" appears to be shaping reality and threatening the life of Li, the fate of whom is bound to that of the novel's antagonist, Lord Redmane.

Lu Kongwen

In the world of the novel "Godslayer" established by the novelist Lu Kongwen, the Lord Redmane known as the deity master rules the world, arbitrarily launching war and turning the world into a sea of flames.

Tu Ling

In the process of hunting down, Guan Ning and Tu Ling awakened their righteous spirits, killed Li Mu, saved Lu Kongwen, and found his daughter. As for the novel world, Justice and peace come with the death of the Redmane.

Lord Redmane

Thanks to the director’s exquisite thinking transformation, the artist’s meticulous character design and the complete film industry system, A Writer's Odyssey opens a new generation of dream machine.


For this movie, Lu Yang devoted nearly five years of hard work. 21 months of script adaptation, 11 months of preliminary preparation, more than 1 year of official shooting, and 2 years of post-production, these figures all reveal the difficulty of the films production process. There are 15 studios, more than 20 sets of built-in scenery, 800 square meters of moving capture studio, 2,000 conceptual design drawings, and 2,095 storyboards. These figures reflect the flow and process of the film industry.

It has earned 756 million yuan in box office since its release on February 12, 2021 and more is expecting. Keep believing and rewrite the reality, go to the cinema and enjoy the Engrossing Epic!

As one of the biggest cloud rendering platform that dedicated to offering our clients the most reliable rendering services all over the world, XRender is honored to offer rendering services for this amazing film.

With our massive schedulable nodes, cutting-edge computing resources, easy-to-use software, humanized multi-level account system and 24/7 online customer service team, XRender is escorting our clients’ projects with the most cost-effective service!

XRender, reliable rendering expert beside you. Join XRender to enjoy an excellent rendering experience now!

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