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New Name · New Logo · New Era

V-Ray developer has changed its name from Chaos Group to plain old ‘Chaos’ in a livestream, Create Your World, on February 24th this year.

New brand identities for Chaos

New brand identities for Chaos

In addition to the name, Chaos Group also introduced a new logo for the company and its main products, which was designed by Arch Viz and brand design studio Uniform.

New Logos of Chaos

New Logos of Chaos

Different from what was previously a quite disparate set of brand identities, the newly released logos are all enclosed in a solid-colored square and contain its iconic pattern inside.

The new V-Ray logo is pretty much the same as the old one for the renderer, but the one for fluid simulator Phoenix FD, is substantially reworked with a phoenix image.

Before and after the old (left) and new (right) logo for Phoenix FD

Before and after: the old (left) and new (right) logo for Phoenix FD

Meanwhile, Chaos CEO Peter Mitev unveiled the free online arch viz asset library Chaos Cosmos, with “hundreds of high-quality models and HDRI skies that work perfectly with your V-Ray projects.”

Chaos Vantage, the firm’s new tool for exploring 3D production scenes ray traced in real-time, also gets its own logo.

Based on physical cameras, lights, materials, and global illumination, Chaos Vantage enables 3d creators to explore V-Ray scene in real-time with “no time-consuming” and “Zero setup”. Also, as the website introduces, Vantage “get a live raytraced view of your scene with a live link from 3ds Max”, but requires an NVIDIA RTX series GPU.

Following a change of branding, Chaos also released V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max Update 1.

As an official rendering partner of Chaos, XRender always keeps up with the pace of the market and is committed to providing users with the most reliable, safe and efficient cloud rendering services to 3d creators all over the world. We are glad to announce that XRender is now official support V-Ray 5! Join XRender and enjoy an excellent rendering experience now!


Support Cosmos

The update provides access to Chaos Cosmos, Chaos’s new online library of architectural assets that can be browsed directly from the software.


Based on the reworking of the V-Ray Frame Buffer in V-Ray 5 itself, update 1 now supports layer-based compositing and relighting directly inside the software.

The VFB now supports masks including Interger, Cryptomatte and Multimatte. 3d designers now can use any of V-Ray’s masking render elements to fine-tune composites and modify rendered objects instantly.

In addition, the new relighting system Light Mix now supports to render multiple lights at the same time and makes it easier to fine-tune the results by adjust contributions to a render inside the VFB.

Improved Material

New translucency modes for based on VRayScatterVolume, the software’s brute force unbiased subsurface scattering system, are added to VRayMtl, making it easier to render realistic skin, plastic, wax, and more.

VRayOverrideMtl, the V-Ray override material, often used to help debug scene set-ups, now preserves the opacity, bump, refraction and self-illumination of the material it is overriding.

In addition, 3ds Max’s Physical Material is now automatically translated to standard V-Ray materials.

Superior Rendering

V-Ray's new progressive rendering mode for caustics speed up real-world reflections and refractions such as glass and bodies of water without the need for pre-calculated photon maps.

V-Ray Denoiser has add an option, Open Image Denoise (OIDN), Intel’s CPU-based render denoising system, that is excellent for interactive rendering.

The V-Ray Light Cache is now processing on the GPU, which helps to speed up rendering of global illumination (GI).

Check the full list of new features in V-Ray 5 in the online release notes

As a reliable partner, XRender is honored to be invited to participate in the Partner Day held by Chaos in February, 2021 and had a deeper understanding of the new products that Chaos has been carefully polished.

Partner Day

Partner Day

Taking “Building an ecosystem for visual industry and bring infinite possibilities to creators” as its mission, XRender keeps up with the trend of science and technology, optimize its products and services through continuous learning, and devote itself to bringing the most cutting-edge rendering services to the world's 3D designers.

With our massive schedulable nodes, cutting-edge computing resources, easy-to-use software, humanized multi-level account system and 24/7 online customer service team, XRender is escorting our clients’ projects with the most cost-effective service!

XRender, reliable rendering expert beside you.

XRender dedicates to providing efficient, safe and all-round cloud rendering service for enterprises and individuals.

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