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The XRender Client is developed for all 3D creators to have access to massive powerful computing resources and rendering 3D projects easily. Let's review some of the highlights in the recent updates!

| Support Tiled Rendering for Houdini

In addition to the original support for 3ds Max and Maya, in the recent update, XRender has added support for Houdini’s tiled rendering. While the Houdini file analysis is done, whichever renderer do you use, as long as the output file is in EXR format, you can manually activate the Tiled Rendering Feature. XRender currently supports three types of tiled: 4, 9 and 16 tiles. Users can choose according to their needs.

Tiled Rendering speeds up rendering by dividing the frames into tiles, and then assign one node to each tile for cloud rendering. Tiled rendering takes effect for prior frames only in XRender and will greatly decrease rendering time of the frame, allowing 3D creators to get the rendering results quickly.

Tiled Rendering with XRender

Tiled rendering is supported for:

All 3ds Max projects;

All Houdini projects that is EXR format;

Maya projects that use Arnold, Redshift or V-Ray as renderer and is in format of EXR file.

To apply tiled rendering to your 3D project, you may open the set general panel, enable this feature and choose the number of tile that you want to divide or enable it in the parameter setting panel.

XRender_General setting_Tiled RenderingXRender_Parameter setting_Tiled Rendering

Note: Compared with general settings, parameter settings have a higher priority. If you have set it in both place, XRender will operate according to the settings of the parameter panel only.

| Customized Dashboard - Focus on What You Care More about

The XRender operation panel can be customized according to needs, allowing users to have a clearer view and pay more attention to the information they care about in the rendering process.

XRender_Customized Dashboard

| Quicker Access to Render Bills & Invoice

In order to allow users to more quickly understand the account-related expenses, XRender has added a quick entry in the dashboard. Now users can use the shortcut button on the client to automatically log in to the user center with one click to learn about billing details and get invoices.

XRender_Quicker Access to Bills & Invoice.png

| Account-level Statistics and Task-level Statistics

In order to facilitate the unified management of rendering projects for users, XRender has added statistics feature.

For team manager, the progress of all tasks in this account can be viewed through the statistics button in the lower right corner of the dashboard. Both the rendering situatuin of frames and the rendering progress of the task are clearly visible.


For some tasks that contain many frames to be rendered, the task-level statistics feature could be very helpful sometime. To quickly find out all the failed frames and cancelled frames of the task, users can double-click to check task details in Task panel and find all the serial number of each frame directly.

XRender_Task-level Statistics

| More Is Coming

Based on the integration of user feedback and market research that collected by the product team, more user-friendly features are coming in the way. Please stay tuned!

If you have any optimization suggestions or need customized rendering services, please feel free to contact us. The entire R&D, product and customer service teams of XRender are happy to serve you!

XRender dedicates to providing efficient, safe and all-round cloud rendering service for enterprises and individuals.

Contact us and boost your rendering with XRender.
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