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Autodesk has released the latest version of its 3D modeling and animation software, 3ds Max 2022.2. The update is said to maximize artist productivity and minimize workflow disruption. Highlights including Unfold3d integration, Smart Extrude enhancement, better support for pen pressure and more. Let’s take a look at the new features together!

| Improve UV Workflow

Earlier used in Maya, Autodesk has integrated the standalone tool, Unfold3d algorithm, into Unwrap UVW modifier in 3ds Max2022.2, giving users a better access to Unfold3D's enhanced peel, relax, and packing algorithms.

Unfold3d for the Unwrap UVW Modifier_3ds Max 2022.2

In addition, the performance of Unwrap UVW modifier has been improved withup to 8.5 times faster” for the modifier and “up to 2.5 times faster” for opening the Edit UV window. Alone with the adaption to the user’s screen resolution, and the increasing of its checkermap resolution, the update will be greatly helpful for artists to manipulate the UV data in the Edit UV window.

Improved Unwrap UVW Modifier Performance_3ds Max 2022.2

| Enhance Modeling Progress

The extrude faces modifier Smart Extrude has been improved with more stability when adjusting the faces, allowing for a partial cut-through on an Editable Poly object.

Enhanced Smart Extrude_3ds Max 2022.2

New welding algorithms has been applied to the Symmetry Modifier to provide more predictable results by finding matching pair vertices on the mirrored surface. Meanwhile, the tolerance threshold now enables welding to solve across open gaps along the symmetry line, providing a more smoother and accurate surface modeling progress.

Pen Pressure is now full-ranger supported when using a graphics tablet or pen display with 3ds Max’s brush tools, including when painting vertex colors or skin weights.

Updated Tablet Pen Pressure Support_3ds Max 2022.2

Other update of modeling including fix issue for Symmetry modifier and preset saving for various tools, increase stability of OpenSubDiv Modifier and Save to Previous option and so on.

| Add New Security

A new Security tab has been added into the Preference Settings that can be managed by IT administrators to enforce security from studio side.

Security Settings Management_3ds Max 2022.2

| Update USD Plug-in

In addition to the update of the software itself, the USD plug-in was also updated together with the 3ds Max 2022.2.

Earlier released in beta this year, USD for 3ds Max has been updated to version 0.2, with the support of exporting animation data, the improvement of exporting mesh and scene data, better USDView as required.

Updated Tablet Pen Pressure Support_3ds Max 2022.2

Additional features for public Beta USD 0.2 including three new options to include/exclude hidden nodes in USD Exporter, control export of map channel data from meshes and automatically open exported USD files in USDView after exporting a scene.

Keep up with the latest information about the CG community with XRender and for all details of the update, please check the 3ds Max 2022.2 Update Release Notes.

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