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Autodesk has released Maya 2022.3, the latest version of its 3D modeling and animation software. The latest release brings several improvements and features, highlights including improvements of Maya's Jiggle and Morph deformers and Multi-Cut tool. In addition to the optimization of Maya software itself, plug-ins like Arnold renderer, USD, Bifrost and Substance all get significant update. Let's see more details together!

| Sculpt and Model More Accurately

Maya enables users to sculpt virtual 3D surfaces by using polygons with tools from the Sculpting Tools menu. And in Maya 2022.3, the modeling toolset has been expanded to include Relax, Smear, Pinch, Grab and Smooth brushes automatically constrain to live surfaces, making it possible to use a separate surface as a constraint while sculpting.

Sculpting Tools menu

In the meanwhile, the Multi-Cut tool also gets some improvements. With a visual percentage for full edge loop cuts showing, user now can make the cuts on meshes more precisely.

Maya Multi-Cut Tool

| Maya Deformer Update

Several new options and improvements for character riggers and animators have been added to Morph deformer in Maya 2022.3, including make Jiggle deformer GPU supported, a new Tangential Damping, a new Retarget Morph Mode, new Morph Mirror options and improved deformer weight visualization

The Jiggle deformer has been added to the list of GPU-supported deformers and now also works with Cached Playback, resulting in better deformation performance

The Jiggle deformer with(left) and without(right) GPU and Cached Playback support

Another main change of the deformer is a new Retarget mode that added to the Morph deformer, making it possible to retarget deformation-based facial animation from one character to another. Below is an example of animation transferred from the smaller head on the left to the large head on the right by scaling morph displacement on a per-vertex bases, provided by Maya.

Animation is transferred from the smaller head on the left to the large head on the right

You can now find a new Tangential Damping slider option in Attribute Editor to create and adjust a smooth and slippery sliding effect by using the Inward and Outward Morph constraints.

Morph Tangential Constraint-Soft Mod and Cluster deformer deforming the source object

It is also now possible to mirror morph deformations from one side of a model to another on a specified axis.

Reflect surface deformation on X axis with mirror morph deformer

| New Features in Plug-ins

In addition to the software feature update itself, multiple plug-ins have get significant update as well.

Maya 2022.3 updated the USD Extension for Maya to the latest version 0.13.0, including adding support for manipulating USD prims via the channel box, point instance selection, point snapping performance, support for import and export of lights, and many evaluation updates and bug fixes. Meanwhile, the features of version 0.12.0 such as support for cards drawing mode in VP2 render delegate, patch curves drawn as wireframe in default material mode and color management support improvements are also included in this release.

The latest version of the multiphysics plugin, Bifrost for Maya, with new node icons (including geometry, queries, arrays, transforms, and time) and node values (including logical comparison, array, string, random value, math, property, field, sampling, input/output, and influence nodes.) to see what the nodes do and display parameters clearly.

New Icons

Value display

Arnold for Maya has been support in Maya 2022.3. The latest MtoA uses Arnold version 7.0, including support for Intel's Open Image Denoise, and a new LUT mode for the tonemapping imager.

Substance plug-in is also updated to version 2.2.1, including “the newest Substance Engine 8.3.0, with support for assets from Substance 3D Designer, Substance 3D Assets, and Substance 3D Sampler”.

Substance support

You may have an overview of the update here or get more details with the Maya 2022.3 release note.

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