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As the year of Tiger, an animated film feats 3D character, HuDun, was available in theater at the first day of Chinese New Year. HuDun is a eleven-year-old children who takes Master Yang, one of the greatest legendary Travelguards at the time as the goal of life and dreams about being a certified Travelguard.

Run, Tiger Run

Accidentally, Hudun received a task of guarding darts and embarked on a thrilling journey of guarding and growing accompanied by the peerless Master Yang. Give a watch of the official trailer of Run, Tiger Run.

HuDun is actually an original IP created by Soular Animation Studios and has been released to the public in 2018. With his chubby face, little round body, two thick black eyebrows, and an iconic tiger hat, HuDun has captured the hearts of many with its cute image as soon as it came out.


Catching up with the time for the traffic era of the first year of short videos, HuDun the Little Travelguard was released in TikTok at first. As an elaborate work by the whole team, the HuDun series of short dramas quickly attracted attention on the short video platform. Since then, they have taken the short video traffic express and have become popular all over the Internet. They basically maintain a video update every 3 days, and each video may get around 70 million times of view.

Run, Tiger Run

As the first animated film of the IP, Run, Tiger Run has actually took the whole team three years of work before we could actually see it. Years of character polishing and script planning, complex animation production skills and strict management tools with high thresholds, and the sudden epidemic... All kinds of difficulties have kept HuDun to be released until now. However, it may also because the creative team has been pursuing excellent and ultimate that HuDun met his natal year, the Year of the Tiger, unintentionally, and presented a unique new film to the public during the Spring Festival.

Character design of Run, Tiger Run

In the character design, the director chose a tiger-headed hat that represents Chinese characteristics and is said to protect the healthy growth of children according to the folklore.

Scene design of Run, Tiger Run

Pingyao village has serverd as one of the financial center throughout the Ming Dynasty and an industry, The Travelguard Agency, arose here to transport valuables safely. Based on the history, features of Ming Dynasty costumes can be seen in the film. In the meanwhile, the production team also deliberately conducted field collections, and strived to present the magnificent scenery of Northwest China to the audience more realistically.

Family Reunion

The travelguard is not only delivering a courier, but also a hero who keeps his promises and fulfills his mission in that turbulent society. As director Zeng Jingxiong said, the film hopes to convey the virtues of keeping promises in traditional Chinese culture through stories. At the same time, as an animation that celebrates the New Year, the film conveys the warmth and happiness of home through the protagonist's desire to reunite with his family.

In addition, the Soular Animation Studios is still constantly updating the series of HuDun IP on its social media platform. You may check more in their YouTube channel or Instagram for more works.

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