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Magic time! We're going to introduce two amazing tools that allow users easily crate stunning cyberpunk style works. By using these two tools, you can quickly create unique high-definition works, and you can also achieve the freedom of wallpaper with a sense of technology. Totally free and easy to use. Let's take a look!

| JSplacement


Developed by Finland artist Grigori Shevtsov, a.k.a. Windmill, JSplacement is a cross-platform pseudo-random 8K displacement map generator written in HTML and JavaScript and built on Electron.


JSplacement brings us an easy-to-use interface with a bunch of adjustable parameters, such as iterations, brightness, alpha, scale, etc. All the adjustment made will take effect immediately and can be view through the preview window left. By scale the parameters to the results you want and then press generate, thousands of HD (supports up to 8192x8192 in .png format output) and tech-style images are available freely!


Howeve, the highlight moments of these images are when they are put into 3D modeling and animation software such as C4D or Blender, as displacement maps,to instantly reproduce the cool chip scene, with a sci-fi max!

JSplacement support Windows, MacOS and Linux systems. You may follow the video above to learn how to use the tool and click here to download it for free.



SIMPLE SCIFI, which you can consider as an updated version of the geometry node for JSplacement, is for creating full 32-bit displacement maps and color maps for both lights and geo-real geometry.


You can use it to generate a variety of models like distant cities, spaceship details and many other sci-fi objects. The tool is get two versions. The free version that contains a basic set of map generators files with three different displacement generators that can create thousands of mutations of generated displacement images. And the Pro version comes with multiple DPACKS which are sets of especially created generation objects and allows for more varied and specific types of displacement and geometry generation.

As the developer Chipp Walters tells, all output generated via the tool is free of all kinds of ways usage and requires Blender 3.0+. You may click here to get the free version and download the Pro version with $15 here.

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