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Autodesk has released 3ds max 2023, the major version of its 3d modeling and rendering software. Highlights including improvements of its retopology tools, support for exporting models in glTF format, new Autobackup toolbar and more. Take a look at what’s new in 3ds Max 2023 with XRender!

| Retopology Tools Version 1.2

Originally introduced in 3ds Max 2021.3, a number of improvements have been made for its retopology plugin in 3ds Max 2023. In Retopology Tools version 1.2, a new option to remesh a model as pre-processing step before computing Retopology is now available for users to deal with larger amounts of data with less setup and preparation

Retopology Tools

Retopologisation now preserves UVs and mesh normal, to enable Retopology Tools version 1.2 in your 3ds Max 2023, click here to check the installation instruction.

| gITF Support

3ds Max 2023 introduces new support for exporting models in glTF (Graphics Language Transmission Format), allowing users to use their 3D content in “web applications, online stores, browser games and other modern online outlets” by export them in gTIF.

gITF Support

Supported glTF in 3ds Max including a gITF Export and a glTF Material, you may download a sample scene provided by Autodesk here to explore more about the new feature.

Smart Extrude

Smart Extrude's partial cut-through functionality found in update 2022.2 is now available in the Edit Poly modifier of 3ds Max. When performing an outward extrusion, partial overlaps of the end results will merge/union with the geometry it overlaps into, while an inward extrude will subtract.

Retopology Tools

A new method for positioning pivot points for tools during 3D modelling or character rigging has been added for users to snap pivot points to vertices, edges or faces, or an average position for the vertices, edges or faces selected; and can add helper objects or grids to a scene, helping to position pivots more precisely.

| Autobackup Toolbar, Smart Extrude and Snap Working Pivot

A new Autobackup toolbar has been added to the default user interface in 3ds Max 2023 for quick access to activate a new Autobackup timer, skip an Autobackup save, or adjust the Autobackup settings.

Autobackup Toolbar

In addition, improvements have also been made for Autobackup system to “increase the productivity of users”. You may learn more about here.

Autobackup Toolbar

| MAXtoA 5.1.0: Improves Triplanar shader, Denoiser and More

In addition to the updates of the software itself, the integration plugin for Autodesk’s Arnold renderer has been updated, with MAXtoA 5.1 adding the option to use different textures on each axis when using triplanar projection.

Image courtesy of Lee Griggs

Composite and assemble AOVs back together without any artifacts are possible now with the improved NVIDIA Optix 7, a newer version of Nvidia’s AI-trained GPU denoiser that denoises AOVs consistently.

Autodesk 3ds Max 2023 software is supported on Windows 10+. For more features updated in 3ds Max 2023, click here to read a full list of new features in 3ds Max 2023 in the online documentation.

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