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After years of product polishing and version updates, XRender has been able to serve as a stable and intelligent cloud rendering platform, providing efficient and professional cloud rendering services for 3D artists and studios around the world.

As the latest generation of XRender desktop, a large amount of new features have been updated for render experience improvements and Clarisse rendering time reducing. Get to know how to speed up your Clarisse rendering with XRender!

| Transfer Faster

The transfer speed determines when the rendering starts in the cloud rendering process. Especially for projects with a large number of assets, the sooner the upload of all data assets is completed, the faster the testing and rendering of the entire project can be started.

Aspera transmission - XRender

For XRender users, you may enable Aspera as the transfer engine to speed up your whole transmission process. Aspera is a high-speed file transfer tool that helps to move data globally at the fastest speed, regardless of any size, across any distance. With fast file transfer and streaming solutions built on the award-winning IBM FASP protocol, you may use the existing network to safely and reliably migrate large amounts of data at maximum speed.

Pause rendering after file uploading - XRender General settings panel

In the meanwhile, the Pause rendering after uploading selection allows users to upload some of the assets each time creators complete the production, and start rendering after all project assets are uploaded. By uploading in batches, reducing the one-time waiting also seems to be a good choice to reduce the transmission time.

| Test Quicker

As a 3D modeling and animation software, the rendering time of files produced by Clarisse is generally long, ranging from a few hours to hundreds of hours. Taking a single frame rendering time of 10 hours as an example, the user needs to wait 10 hours to just check whether the effect is correct of the priority frames, which seriously affects the project cycle.

Different from other 3D model software, Clarisse itself does not support tiled rendering. And XRender has supported tiled rendering for Clarisse priority frames in its latest version, XRender 1.22.6.

Clarisse Tiled Rendering - XRender

For files with long rendering time, users may enable the tiled rendering feature for prior frames to decrease the render time. There are three kinds of tile number are supported: 4, 9, and 16. If the single frame time is 10 hours and you choose to render in 9 blocks, then maybe you can get the render result in1 hour or so. And if it is divided into 16 pieces, the efficiency will be even faster.

| Enjoy More

XRender has multiple data centers around the world, which can provide users with thousands of rendering nodes for concurrent use online at the same time. Whether it is CPU or GPU, XRender's powerful node scheduling system can intelligently allocate rendering nodes for your tasks reasonably, and flexibly schedule according to demand, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality rendering services at the highest cost performance.

At this stage, we will pay more attention to the user experience. According to the feedback of our customers, XRender continues to optimize the product details, and is committed to making the XRender cloud rendering service more suitable for the user’s 3D production workflow, reducing complex operation steps and simplifying the user’s rendering process.

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