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With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, its application fields are also expanding. The in-depth integration of AI technology in various industries is bringing infinite possibilities to more creators as a brand-new tool. Let’s take a look at some of the new AI-based intelligent drawing software that might be helpful for your creation!

| NVIDIA Canvas

Originally released in 2021, NVIDIA Canvas is an AI-based painting tool for artists to transform simple brush strokes into realistic environments. Powered by the tensor cores on NVIDIA RTX GPUs, the free AI painting tool (currently in beta) allows artists to “speed up your concept exploration so you can spend more time visualizing ideas”.

The application is now updated to version 1.2 in 22 March 2022, which you can have a detailed look at the release note. With a total of 20 material brushes, users may draw rough lines based on the shape of the environment and see the rendering in real time.

NVIDIA Canvas - shape drawing

In the meanwhile, 10 variants of each readymade visual style have been added in version 1.2. Lines or shapes that have been drawn can be refreshed according to your needs by switching materials, and all shadows and reflections will be handled by AI and algorithms automatically.

NVIDIA Canvas - switching materials.

In addition, Canvas can also be used as the first draft of Adobe Photoshop. Designers can directly export the work from Canvas to PS, so as to continue to improve the work or combine it with other works, so that design practitioners can add more Focus on creative work, and AI will do the rest for you.

NVIDIA Canvas are now available in beta for Windows 10, and a NVIDIA GeForce RTX, Titan RTX, Quadro RTX or RTX GPU with version 471.68+ of the Nvidia GeForce, Studio or Quadro driver are needed according to NIVIDA. For more details about the tool, you may check the NVIDIA Canvas user guide.

| Disco Diffusion

Another AI painting software that has become very popular among artists recently is called Disco Diffusion. Different from Canvas, Disco Diffusion is a software that tests the user's writing skills. It is developed by designer and coder Somnai and gandamu to use cues that describe the scene and convert the text into images.

Journey Across the Kingdom by Somnai.gif

Also, Disco Diffusion is an open-source program that is free of usage. And it runs directly on the Colab, which means barely any configuration requirements for your PC (if you become a Colab Pro) and almost everyone can use it easily.

painting style dictionary - Bauhaus

Regarding how to choose an artist style for AI painting, proximasan and sureailabs initiated a super-complete painting style dictionary jointly with EErratica and KyrickYoung. They used the same set of descriptors to test the performance of different artists' styles on Disco Diffusion, and produced a very intuitive comparison chart.

The tool is now updated to version 5.2 with a new VR Mode available and you may find more information about the latest version here. And if you're interested, an introductory tutorial from the in-depth user of AI tools YouTuber Quick-Eyed Sky is also a very good option for beginners.

Surely, AI painting tools have inevitably caused a lot of controversy in the market, especially on sensitive words such as "plagiarism" and "commercial use". But starting from the tools themselves, they appear to serve the industry, increase the speed of creation, and allow artists to create more efficiently. Therefore, when using tools, we should treat them with the correct attitude and use them as references for inspiration or as aids for creation.

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