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As a cloud rendering platform that has provided one-to-one services for many large studios, XRender has experienced customized services according to user needs many times. For specific application scenarios or usage requirements, dedicated features are supported to the XRender desktop to meet the needs or optimize user's workflow.

After comparing the needs of the majority of users, we have decided to open some customized features to all users for free. If you have encountered the following problems when rendering, give a try! For easier rendering, for better service!

| Adjust Render Machine As Needed

It sees quiet often that deadline changes in 3D creation industry. Sometimes you may get a lot more time than expected due to project delays, and sometimes your production time could be compressed a lot for some reasons. So it is important to adjust the production progress of the project based on the remaining time, especially for rendering, a stage that may take a lot of time to complete.

Add model selection option in the task clone panel

The new feature that designed for one of our partner for adjusting render machine in the task clone panel is now opening to all uses. This new option can help users to the queuing time for render nodes as well as avoid the impact on the original task caused by the modification of the model. You may choose what the kind of render machine you would like to use according to the urgency of the tasks in Task Clone Panel (the option is available in both XRender desktop and website user center).

| Postpone Transfer Time of Finished Tasks

For most of XRender users, the basic rendering process is: submit a low-resolution task to render some small samples (priority frames) first, and if the effect of the small samples are rendered as expected, they will clone the task, modify the parameters and render the high-definition large image later.

Postpone transfer of finished tasks to the History Tasks module

The sample-rendering step does help a lot in error avoidance and cost savings, but also caused some problems for certain users. Since we only keep the finished tasks in Task panel for one week, it is not very convenient for teams with long project cycles. So instead of switching to the History Tasks panel to clone the task, we have extended the time that finished tasks stay in the task section from one week to fifteen days to simplify the workflow of cloning tasks for the above types of teams.

| Optimized Output File Management

In order to facilitate the management of files in the later stage, many production teams would like to set some naming rules for files when downloading files, such as increasing the submission date of files, classifying files according to task groups, etc., so as to reduce the time cost of file management.

Optimize save as filename rules for easier file management

To meet this kind of demand, we have optimized the filename rules of render results when saving the download. The rules are adjustable in General Setting panel when you check the Local download path option for saving as, and available options including task name, task group, submit date, task ID and file name.

Output frame with (below) and without (above) task group and submit date included in the rules

In the meanwhile, in order to have a better understand of what information each option stands for in the rules, you may adjust options in the filter in the upper right corner of the XRender desktop.


In case you haven’t found out yet, other changeable options within XRender for simplify the download process including the number of thread, speed limitation, transfer engine, duplicated file name setting and download date display. All available in setting panel!

Changeable options for donwloading

There are many new features have been updated to XRender and even more are coming in the way! Click here to found out more about our dedicated features and stay tuned for what coming next! And please updated to the latest version, XRender 2.1.2, for all the new features free!

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