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Autodesk has released the latest version of its 3D modeling and animation software, Maya 2023.1. Take a look at some of the highlights of this update with XRender!

The update was released 15 Jun. 2022, like always, together with Autodesk’s 3D modeling and rendering software, 3ds Max 2023.1. Highlights of Maya 2023.1 including improve Boolean with new options, add a new HumanIK character template, optimize USD integration for Maya, support for Arnold and more. Take a look!

|New Options for Boolean, Vertex Color Changes

In Maya 2023.1, several new options has been added to Boolean stack to improve modeling operation and display. In the new version, users may: add meshes as input objects directly, duplicate a layer as a new copy or as an instance, set defaults for new Boolean input objects, add Viewport objects to the selected Boolean node. For more information about what’s new on Boolean stack, please check Boolean Updates.

New options in Boolean stack - Maya 2023.1

In addition, vertex painting has been extended, with the option to restrict the Paint Vertex Color Tool to individual RGB colour channels; and to display RGB colour channels individually or in greyscale on polygonal geometry.

| New HumanIK, USD Improvement and MtoA

With a new interface template for Maya’s IK solver, HumanIK added to the two existing rig templates (CharacterControlsConfig.xml and CustomRigControlsConfig.xml), users may have extra bones and joints for rigging.

New HumanIK Character template

The FullRigControlsConfig.xml template provides a list of all of a character rig’s spine, neck, hand and foot joints, extra shoulder joints, and additional finger and toe bones, you may find more details here.

USD for Maya 2023.1

The USD integration plugin for Maya also gets some improvements. With the update of USD for Maya v0.18.0 available in Maya 2023.2, MaterialX has been upgraded to version 1.38.4, and users may have the access to AMD’s MaterialX library.

capabilities in Arnold

In the meanwhile, Maya 2023.1 ships with MtoA 5.1.2 for Arnold, delivers compatibility with Bifrost and adds support for USD for Maya 0.18, Autodesk’s Arnold renderer that integrated in Maya.

For more details, you may have an overview of Maya 2023.1 Update or read the full list of new features in release note.

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