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Directed by Tian Xiaopeng and produced by Enlight Media, October Media and Color Room, the Chinese animated film "Deep Sea" will be released in 2022. Following the release of the first trailer and high-definition posters, several stills of pink jellyfish, manta rays, and the Deep Sea Hotel were released. Scroll down for more details with XRender.

Deep Sea

| Deep Sea

Deep Sea is a Chinese animated film produced by Enlight Media, October Media and Color Room. The film builds a new underwater world that is totally different from the past, telling the story of a young girl who pursues and explores in the mysterious underwater world and encounters a unique life journey.

The film, directed by Tian Xiaopeng, is another work that he put a lot of effort into after "Monkey King: Hero Is Back", the multi-awards-wining animated film that we have offered render service for.

Deep Sea

In order to create an "unprecedented" spectacle on the big screen, it took the main creative team two years to develop the "particle ink animation" pioneeringly, and realizing the combination of Chinese ink painting and mainstream 3D technology.

Deep Sea2.gif

After the great success of "Monkey King: Hero Is Back" in 2015, Tian has been dedicated himself to the creation of "Deep Sea". Judging from the short films that have been released, "Deep Sea" fully reflects its uniqueness in "aesthetic innovation" and "story originality" and has won the great expectations from the audience.

Deep Sea

It has taken the whole team 7 years for the presentation of "Deep Sea", and behind these 7 years of preparation and production, there are huge details that can be quantified, and extreme imagination that cannot. Every flashing scene in "Deep Sea" can stand up to scrutiny: for example, the "Deep Sea Hotel" is built on a huge whale-shaped submarine. Simply the diving shot of the hotel in just 2 seconds in the trailer exposed as many as 2000-3000 corals of various styles on the submarine shell.

The deep sea hotel

In addition, the unique oriental ink and wash aesthetic style of "Deep Sea" has attracted great attention since its inception. Its use of light, shadow and color is also very unrestrained: taking the large number of spectacle shots in the trailer as an example, contrary to the audience's stereotype of "dark and suffocating" in the deep sea, the sea water in "Deep Sea" is as colorful as cellophane paper, which makes people feel To the blowing dream and extreme imagination.

Pink Jellyfish

Manta Ray

Deep Sea Hotel

Let's take a look at the newly released shorts of Pink Jellyfish, Manta Ray, Deep Sea Hotel and other scenes, and stay tuned to with XRender about the release time of this highly anticipated animated film!

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