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Different from some auxiliary plug-ins that are optimized based on the existing functions of C4D, this time we have sorted out some plant growth plug-ins for you. Compared to the previous process optimization tools, this collection contains a lot of resource sharing with models and textures. Let's have a look!

| Generate Plants for Your Scenes with Ease

Cinema 4D Plugins for Plant Growth

A good scene is basically inseparable from the embellishment of plants. Whether it is an urban landscape, a natural environment or an interior visualization, the addition of plants can make the whole scene more real and full of vitality. Scroll down to see more tools to help you quickly create a nature with a variety of plants with XRender.


Forester is one of the famous procedural solution developed by 3DQUAKERS among C4D artists. It not only available for creating natural elements such as trees, plants, rocks, but also helping to distribute geologically over polygonal terrain as well as create realistic wind effects like trees so.


Other than Forester, 3DQUAKERS also offers two new expansion packs: two new tree and plant libraries for Forester for Cinema 4D. These expansion packs are not a simple library, they are rather a plugin for Forester, offering additional features that are not available in Forester.

The latest version Forester and the Forester Expansion Packs releases are compatible with Cinema 4D R25/S26, and all major Cinema 4D third-party renderers, like Arnold, Octane, Corona, Redshift, Maxwell, and Thea Render are all supported. You may visit the video documentation page for deep learning of the tool.


XFrog is a procedural organic 3D modeler that is used to create and animate plants, flowers, nature-based special effects and bio-architectural forms. It is available as a Mac OS and Windows plug-in for both Maya and Cinema 4D.

Different versions of XFrog support Cinema 4D ranging from R12-R19, and it provides users with 30-day free trial chance for non-commercial projects, you may learn how to use the tool from the tutorial above and start the free test here.

Common Rhododendron - XFrog

In addition to the tool itself, a plant library, XFrogPlants, provides users with detailed 3D plant models with real leaves, bark, and flowers that created by the studio with XFrog and GrowFX. According to XFrog Inc, assets are built from scratch each and every age and season using photo references and real scans of real leaves and bark. The asset library is available as 620 Individual Species, as 31 Libraries and as 3 low-cost Bundles. You may learn more details from its product page.


SurfaceSPREAD is a garden scene terrain distribution plugin developed by the Germany landscape visualization Laubwerk. It provides users an easy and efficient way to distribute plants (and any other object) on terrains. The plugin adds a series of parametrical and interactive modeling tools to MAXON Cinema 4D.

Laubwerk Plants Feature Overview from Laubwerk on Vimeo.

It is specifically designed to populate ('scatter') large amounts of object clones on surfaces. Furthermore, it contains a terrain generator, shaders, and other helper objects to satisfy all your landscaping needs inside Cinema 4D.

SurfaceSPREAD screenshot

SurfaceSPREAD is compatible with Cinema 4D from version R16 to R25 and available for MacOS X or Windows systems.You may click here to learn about the tool or get a free plants kit with 5 species in 3 variants, 3 ages and 4 seasons (180 models total).

Meadow - SurfaceSPREAD

Stay tuned with XRender and don’t miss the lasted news and 3d creation tips with XRender! In the meanwhile, XRender supports cloud rendering for all C4D versions as well as many plugins and has equipped with a huge amount of high-end render nodes for you. Register now and boost your rendering in a faster, safer and smarter way with us!

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