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The development and application of artificial intelligence technology in various fields has been one of the hot topics this year. Both the copyright of AI-generated works and the fairness of this technology in use are controversial. But on the other hand, there’s also no deny that the reasonable use of AI technology in the production process to assist the project has indeed greatly improved work efficiency to a certain extent.


Check out with XRender about the new feature updated by NVIDIA of its AI-based product, Canvas, which may greatly improve the environment creation of 3D artists.

| About NVIDIA Canvas

NVIDIA Canvas is an AI-technology-based painting program first released in 2021 by NVIDIA. It is meat to speed up the creation progress by “turning simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape image”.

NVIDIA Canvas - shape drawing

In the last version 1.2, which we introduced earlier before in this article: AI-Based Painting Tools for Arts Design, NVIDIA Canvas added 10 variants of each readymade visual style, making it possible for “lines or shapes that have been drawn to be refreshed according to your needs by switching materials, and all shadows and reflections will be handled by AI and algorithms automatically.”

NVIDIA Canvas - switching materials.

In addition, the painting tool includes a total of 20 material brushes, allowing users to draw rough lines based on the shape of the environment and see the rendering in real time. Artists can use NIVIDIA Canvas to turn quick sketches into photorealistic environment images, which may be an effective option in many cases.

| New Panorama Mode to Generate 360° 4K EXRs

In the latest version of this free AI painting tool, Canvas 1.4, NIVDIA has added a new Panorama Mode, allowing artists quickly “create wraparound environments and export them into any 3D app as equirectangular environment maps”.

Preview spherical environment in Canvas

With the new features updated in version 1.4, artists may now easily get an environment map for 3D project, since the results can be exported in EXR format. According to the announcement, artists may get a 3D preview of the spherical environment, and may enjoy an output at resolutions up to 4,096 x 4,096px.

For more usage of the new features, you may read this article here: NVIDIA Canvas 1.4 Available With Panorama Beta This Week ‘In the NVIDIA Studio’, where 3D artist Dan ‘Greenskull’ Hammill shared his AI-powered creative workflow powered by a GeForce RTX 4090.

| Availability

NVIDIA Canvas is powered by the tensor cores on NVIDIA RTX GPUs, which means you will need a NIVIDIA GeForce RTX, Titan RTX or RTX GPU drivers to use it.

Export to PSD or EXR

The program is still in Beta and is free of usage. The basic system requirement is Windows 10, and requires 4GB for Standard mode and 6 GB for Panorama mode when it comes to RAM. You may click here to have an overview of the product or learn how to use it with more details by reading its use guide.

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