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3D artist Nino (aka defoq) has released several Blender add-ons based on geometry node to procedurally generate texture-ready assets for 3D creation. Don’t miss these new Blender add-ons in 2023.

Scene created with Nino's Blender procedural generators

| Snowify

If you're working on a winter landscape or need to add an extra layer of depth to your surfaces, Snowify can be a choice.

Snowify serves as a procedural snow generator that allows users to add realistic snow effects to any object within their Blender projects. By applying a specific geometry node setup to the desired object and weight painting the areas where snow should appear, users can achieve stunning snow effects with minimal effort.

Material details

While primarily designed for snow effects, Snowify can also be used to add various other layers to surfaces. By simply adjusting the material settings in the shader editor, users may easily create scenes with dirt, blood, honey, sand, or dust covered on certain objects as they like. XRender has shared an open-source database that includes the material mentioned above, you may read this article here to get the material data: Material, Lighting & Camera Values for CG Artists. In addition, if you are new to Blender, here’s a tutorial that we shared before, for your reference: How to Add Materials in Blender.

| Mossify

Mossify serves as a high-quality procedural moss generator and is designed to add realistic moss effects to objects within Blender projects, giving them a natural and organic look. By utilizing the included geometry node setup and materials, users can easily apply moss to objects that they want to have a partially or fully covered mossy appearance.

In addition, the author mentioned that Mossify is more suitable for objects close to the camera because it gets a “high-quality moss setup”.

| Braidify

Braidify serves as a procedural hair braid generator that allows users to create both animation-look and realistic-looking braid by applying the geometry node to any curves that you draw in Blender.

All add-ons mentioned above are provided in .blend file format for Blender 3.5, and are all free to download. In addition, Nino has shared more add-ons in his page, you may visit Nino's Gumroad page for more Blender add-ons and download the files as you like.

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