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Get to know about the AI- based tools that might empower your design workflow and bring more inspiration for creation with XRender!

| Alpaca – AI Drawing Tool for Photoshop

Alpaca is a Photoshop plug-in developed based on Stable Diffusion by Canada engineer @William Buchwalter. It shows incredible power in content identification and impressive speed in material generation. As we can see from the demo by William below, the image generated based on the given texts demonstrates extremely efficient and precise content filling. Alpaca is now opening beta, which you may register from its official website if interested.


According to the current strengths of AI painting technology, since people have very low control over the final drawing (there are almost no more options except for text descriptions), generating a full picture directly is an interesting but quickly boring thing. Therefore, using AI's excellent texture filling and real material expression skills to efficiently fill in the details of the picture, just like Alpaca's function, may be a better and more efficient choice.

| Ando – AI Plug-in for Figma


Ando is an upcoming Figma auxiliary tool developed by @Antonion Cao. It uses the text-to-image model Stable Diffusion to create design ideas. Similar to the Alpaca mentioned above and the NVIDIA Canvas that we introduced earlier before, Ando allows users to make the design you want is add some simple shapes and describe your idea so Ando can generate an image. And if you don't like it, just press "Render" again and get another result.

You may check out the brief demonstration from the demo provided by Antonio Cao above or sign up here to keep updated with new information.

| Scaniverse – Build 3D Models by Simply Scanning

Scaniverse is a 3D creation app that allows users to build 3D models with a high level of fidelity by scanning from the real world. In addition, the app also allows users to edit, view and share the 3D content directly from your phone, or you may export the 3D models to formats such as OBJ and FBX for compatibility with most 3D modeling software and game engines.

LiDAR required in Scaniverse

The app is only available for IOS so far and LiDAR is required for scanning. You may click here to download the app or learn more information from Scaniverse website.

Application of AI technology is growing explosively at an unprecedented rate at the moment, and there is constant controversy about the use of AI painting technology in artistic creation. Update rate of the products nowadays might be different every month, or even every day, and the cognition of the same concept can be turned upside down in just one month.

With the official open source of Stable Diffusion, products related to it will continue to emerge. Regarding how visual and design practitioners can effectively use AI-assisted creation, the author believes that first of all, maintain a continuous learning mentality and actively use existing resources to continuously improve their relevant levels is a must.

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