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The industry based on the development of 3D modeling is becoming more and more prosperous. From animation, special effects movies or series, to industrial product display, advertising, architectural roaming, VR/AR, etc., almost all media industries are closely related to 3D creation. On the other hand, the entry threshold for 3D creation has been gradually lowered: a large number of 3D creation software are easily accessible with certain price or even free (Blender, for example) in the market, and easy-to-understand tutorials, as well as material websites, allow more and more zero-based enthusiasts to unleash imagination in 3D creation.

3D creation programs

However, compared with the field of 3D modeling, which can be self-taught and mastered without systematic study, the creation of textures requires certain artistic skills and seems much more difficult for creators. In addition, textures on the Internet are limited and may not be available due to copyright and other reasons. Therefore, XRender has organized some methods to obtain textures so that 3D creators can easily obtain exquisite textures according to their needs and are not troubled by copyright.

The recent application of AI technology in the field of artistic creation has attracted widespread attention, and debates have been mixed. However, it is undeniable that the reasonable use of AI technology to assist production can indeed greatly improve the output efficiency.

| Midjourney

Seamless textures generated with Midjourney

Like Disco Diffusion that we introduced before, Midjourney is a proprietary artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions. A new feature that allows users to generate seamless textures by adding “--tile” after prompts was enabled earlier this month via its Discord serve.

Seamless textures generation - Midjourney

Midjourney provides users with free access of first 25 images and billing starts at $10/month. You may check Midjourney’s documentation to get quick start here or click see more details of the billing plan via the image below.

Midjourney billing plan

| Stable Diffusion

To generate textures with the open-sourced latent diffusion model Stable Diffusion, options are also a lot available.

Stable diffusion fork for generating tileable outputs

First, you can try a tool that generates seamless textures based on stable diffusion that works on Colab, material_stable_diffusion. You can choose to directly enter the description of the texture style, size and other information you want to display on the web page, and click submit to get it quickly. Click here to give a try on browser: material_stable_diffusion, or get the code from Github: TomMoore515/material_stable_diffusion.

Seamless textures generation with Stable Diffusion in Blender

Stable Diffusion also supports seamless textures generation in Blender: Stable Diffusion built-in to the Blender shader editor. Options of enter a prompt to describe the textures you want, or to take an existing texture and modify it with a text prompt are both available.

| Texture to Tileable Texture

Make your texture tileable with histogram-preserving blending

If you already created some satisfying textures and want to make it tiling well? The online tool developed by Thomas Deliot , Eric Heitz , Fabrice Neyret might be right what you are looking for!. It enable an existing, non-tileable stochastic texture into a tileable texture, by manipulating its edges using histogram-preserving blending.

| Seamless Texture Checker

Seamless Texture Checker - Textures by Simon_Lee

Finally, after drawing independently or generating a texture with AI tools, how to quickly make sure that the work is seamless after repeated tiling? Take a look at the free on-line Seamless Texture Checker! Simple drag and drop your texture into the web page, and adjust the tile width to figure it out!

Stay tuned with XRender for more tools that might be helpful to empower your 3D creation workflow! And for more computing resources to speed up your rendering, XRender and its professional service team is here on standby around the clock!

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