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In the face of an endless stream of dazzling 3D creation software on the market, which one should one chose? Here comes the 3D creation comparison 2.0: Blender VS Cinema 4D!

Blender VS Cinema 4D

Both Cinema 4D and Blender are powerful and offer many tools for photorealistic renders, simulations, and 3D animations. Give a look at the differences of the two software and make your choice based on your requirements with XRender!

| About Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a 3D software suite developed by the German company Maxon. It is famous for its extremely high computing speed and powerful rendering plug-ins. The functions of many modules represent the achievements of scientific and technological progress in similar software, especially in the field of motion graphics.

C4D Splash Screen 2023

It is known for being easy to use, friendly to novice, and low threshold. The mainstream renderers of C4D are Octane and redshift. Octane Render is the world's first true GPU-based, all-around, physical rendering renderer. This means that artists can expect 10 to 50 times faster than traditional CPU-based rendering with only one current GPU, and get more realistic rendering results, allowing users to spend less time but get excellent rendering results.

OC rendering

Octane is also one of the easiest to learn and one of the most user-selected C4D renderers of the many renderers. Its simple operation can get amazing results. And the compatibility with C4D is extremely high, the IPR response speed is fast, the path tracing algorithm is used, the material structure is simple, and the renderer itself has fewer parameter settings.

C4D Rendering

Another commonly used renderer is Redshift. It is a powerful GPU renderer that can seamlessly convert geometry, cameras, lights, materials and other related properties of the main program, and supports rendering of huge scene geometry and textures, far exceeding available video memory, and can be used in film and television special effects, Easy to use in advertising and architectural design!

Cinema 4D

Compared with C4D's built-in renderers, the above two renderers are much more powerful in function and speed, but at the same time, the above two software require users to pay an extra fee to use them.

Cinema 4D add-ons sharing -XRender

XRender has shared many add-ons that might be helpful for Cinema 4D creation in terms of modeling, light settings, animation, plant growth and more. Click to check the add-ons you might be interested in and stay tuned for more sharing with XRender!

| About Blender

Thanks to its open source, small memory requirements and comprehensive coverage, Blender stands out as a 3D modeling and animation software that has quickly gained a lot of user preference in the past two years. We gave a brief introduction to Blender in our last software comparison article: Blender VS Maya. And here, we want to highlight the two render engine Blender provides by default: Eevee and Cycles. The two render engines are all free to use, just like Blender itself, and can basically meets the needs of photorealistic visual effects.

Cycles C VS Eevee

Eevee is Blender's real-time rasterization rendering engine. The most significant advantage of Eevee is that it has fast rendering speed and powerful real-time rendering functions, which allows the render engine be used interactively in the 3D Viewport but also produce high quality final renders. On the other hand, the usage of the technology rasterization determines that Eevee rendering has many limitations, such as the light leakage in closed environments and no support for multiple GPU systems.

Cases rendered with Cycles render engine

Cycles is physically based production render engine that uses a more advanced and mainstream technology, called ray tracing. Compared with the Eevee renderer, Cycles has rich rendering features, including powerful PBR shading nodes, accurate subsurface scattering, vector displacement and adaptive subdivision, volume scattering and absorption, caustics, cryptographic mask support, and more, which well made up for Eevee's rendering flaws.

| Blender VS Cinema 4D

As you can see there are certain similarities and differences between Cinema 4D and Blender.Below are some points of the two software that we have compared, you may compare and choose according to your actual needs.


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