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The Wandering Earth team has announced the latest trailer for the second part of the series, Wandering Earth 2, "Before Sailing", on its official account today (December 14). The sci-fi disaster film will be released in mainland China on January 22, 2023. Check more details of the upcoming film with XRender

The engine to push Moon away - The Wandering Earth 2

The film is adapted from Liu Cixin's novel of the same name "The Wandering Earth", which is a prequel of the novel. Directed by Frant Gwo (The Wandering Earth, A Writer's Odyssey), executive produced by Liu Cixin based on his novel, starring Wu Jing, Li Xuejian, Sha Yi, Ning Li, Wang Zhi, Zhu Yanmanzi, and with Andy Lau as a special star.

The film revolves around the story before the previous work "The Wandering Earth": “The Sun is rapidly degenerating and expending. In 100 years, the Sun will engulf the entire Earth. To ensure the survival of as many people as possible, ten thousand Earth Engines are to be constructed to propel the Earth away from the solar system.”

Andy Lau - The Wandering Earth 2

When the crisis just came, the world fell into panic, and the ten thousand planetary engines hadn't been built yet, where’s the way out? To push the Moon away with engines, or to restart the Digital Life Project: upload memories and partial consciousness to the digital life world, so as to achieve "immortality"? In the face of the imminent huge crisis, where will the fate of mankind go? Give a watch of the fresh new trailer of The Wandering Earth : The “Before Sailing”.

Wu Jing - The Wandering Earth 2

Metaverse, digital life, artificial intelligence... In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology and the rapid dissemination of information, these computer-technology- based concepts have become popular among many disciplines such as natural science, psychology, philosophy and the general public. The concept that has sparked widespread discussion, while enjoying popularity, has also generated waves of controversy.

Sun degeneration- The Wandering Earth 2

The film "The Wandering Earth 2" combines future stories with current thinking. In the preview of "Before Sailing" released today, supporters of the "Digital Life Project" caused large-scale conflicts. When the future world is counting down to the end, it is the choice to connect the machine , upload personal consciousness and memory to the virtual digital world, and obtain spiritual "immortality"; or choose to continue human civilization on the earth in a truly "living" form, this is the suspense and thinking left to the audience by the trailer.

And if you haven't watched the first film in the series, The Wandering Earth (released in mainland China on February 5, 2019), you make take a look at the ultimate trailer for the first film above: Fight for Home.

The Wandering Earth 2

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