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A year after the release of Zhen Dao Ge, the Chinese style animated series based on the story happened in Jianghu, XRender once again had the honor to provide rendering services for the IP's first animated film.

| About Zhen Dao Ge

As an extra theatrical version of "Zhen Dao Ge" produced by INFINITY ANIMATIONS, “Zhen Dao Ge: Chen Shi Xing”plays the protagonists of Auntie Hong and Luo Tong, who appeared in the previous work, and mainly tells the story of their youth.This is not only a complement to the "Pillow Knife Song", but also the first attempt to create a commercial film for INFINITY ANIMATIONS.

Zhen Dao Ge Chen Shi Xing

The story revolves around the turbulent struggle between many martial arts in Linqing, Shandong. The young master of the Cao Gang, Luo Tong, is involved in a fight against the conspiracy of the gang. In the face of the impending destruction of the Cao Gang and the pursuit of many Jianghu sects, Luo Tong, with the help of his childhood sweetheart matchmaker, Jiang Yuan, a reckless righteous man, approached the truth step by step. Everyone has their own beliefs and perseverance, and they continue to carry out a hearty and bloody battle for this.

Zhen Dao Ge - Chen Shi Xing

As a theatrical version, "Zhen Dao Ge: Chen Shi Xing" continues many of the advantages of the previous work. First of all, it is a weapon design that is sophisticated and strives to restore. The cold weapons in the play seem to be simple in appearance, but in fact they are not only embellished with corresponding details, but also try to respect historical facts and conform to the background settings.

Zhen Dao Ge Chen Shi Xing - weapon design

In addition, it is the perfect combination of the mirroring and the fighting design, allowing the viewers to enjoy a visual feast.The fighting scenes in the film are not the flow of fancy special effects.

Zhen Dao Ge - Chen Shi Xing

The ultra-fast-paced lens switching is used to make people dazzled, but a relatively solid traditional martial arts style, one move at a time, back and forth, all following a certain pattern.

Zhen Dao Ge - Chen Shi Xing

Every fight is about fast, accurate, and ruthless, and it is worth dismantling in detail: jab, block, dodge, counterattack, and sweep.

| A Different Animated Style

Unlike most of the popular animation in the market, "Zhen Dao Ge: Chen Shi Xing" followed the same animation production technique as the previous work, which knows as Cel-shading. It’s a process of generating non-photorealistic rendering designed to make 3-D computer graphics appear to be flat by using less shading color instead of a shade gradient or tints and shades.

Zhen Dao Ge - Chen Shi Xing - cell shading

The cel-shading process starts with a typical 3D model. Where cel-shading differs from conventional rendering is in its non-photorealistic illumination model. Conventional smooth lighting values are calculated for each pixel and then quantized to a small number of discrete shades to create the characteristic "flat look", where the shadows and highlights appear as blocks of color rather than being smoothly mixed in a gradient.

In terms of production, INFINITY ANIMATIONS as a mature production team and workflow, and has a solid production foundation in the fields of cel-shading animation production technique. It has also provided 3D animation and game CG production services for many well-known brands and accumulated a lot of experience in their own original animation production.

AS one of the biggest cloud rendering platform that dedicated to offering our clients the most reliable rendering services all over the world, XRender is honored to offer rendering services exclusively for this animated series.

With our massive schedulable nodes, cutting-edge computing resources, easy-to-use software, humanized multi-level account system and 24/7 online customer service team, XRender is escorting our clients’ projects with the most cost-effective service!

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